No limits on time, outfits or your potential.


The sessions are designed to focus on giving you confidence in front of the camera.

I don't constrain you to a certain number of outfits, time limit or confusing packages.

I also offer an on location session that brings the studio to you!


In Studio Session:

$100 per selected image

plus $400 session fee

Detailed preparation guideRetouching IncludedPhone Consultation Unlimited Wardrobe ChangesMultiple BackgroundsNo Time Limit


On Location Session:

$100 per selected image

plus $800 session fee

At your locationDetailed preparation guideRetouching IncludedPhone Consultation Unlimited Wardrobe ChangesMultiple BackgroundsNo Time Limit


The challenge for you is to not only have a killer headshot, you need multiple looks as well. Agents and managers need to see a range of your casting potential and each headshot needs an attention grabbing expression. I work with each client to asses your goals so I know what you want to accomplish as far as character types, moods and personality for your headshots.


It's not about getting it right, it's about being confident and trusting me to help you get there.


I schedule a limited number of sessions per day so I can give each client the attention they expect and need. I love what I do so the studio is very relaxed with a fun atmosphere that borders on awesome. I want you to be as prepared as possible, so your confidence is being built before we event start. I’ll send you a link to the Session Info page that details everything you need to know. You’ll find videos and a guide that answers your questions about clothing, hair and makeup, and how I run the session. I include techniques I use to make you look amazing on camera as well. We'll also schedule a phone call to go over the shoot and answer any questions you have.


Once you arrive, we’ll get you settled in and go through your clothing options so we have a game plan for the session. We can also talk about different options for your headshots and how you want to use them, which helps me decide on the type of lighting and backgrounds to use as we go. The session is tailored to your specific goals from start to finish.


I shoot tethered to a laptop so we can see the results in real time. I’ll bring you over to see what the headshots look like on occasion, so you can be confident we’re nailing your look. Everything I include to help you prepare for the shoot is to build your confidence and trust in me that I know how to coach you. What makes all of this come together is the killer expressions, your personality, that we’ll capture. I understand the camera is intimidating but I specialize in coaching you to get great expressions that show case you.


The best headshots have a combination of confidence and approachability and we accomplish that by having fun. If you enjoy what you’re doing, it shows on your face.


After the session we’ll sit down and go through your new headshots to make your final selections. These are the images I’ll have retouched and delivered digitally to you within 7 business days. These are print quality images delivered in jpeg format. I also include different sizes and resolutions for you to use on social media and websites to make the upload process easier.


How long are the sessions?

As long as we're rockin' great headshots, the party never stops. I don't want to keep an eye on the clock or have you worried we're going to run out of time so I don't set a limit. Having said that, most sessions last about 60-90 minutes.

Do you have a makeup artist?

I have a great team that's ready to go. If you'd like to have an MUA I can definitely schedule one for you. They range from $150-225 and are paid in cash on the day of the shoot.

How do I get my images?

After we make your final selection together, I'll retouch them and have them ready to download in 7 business days. Fast 24 hour turn around is available for $25 an image.

Can we do portraits?

Absolutely we can. If you need more than headshots make sure to let me know and we'll make a plan.

Can I reschedule?

I strongly encourage you to make sure your schedule is clear before booking your session because once it's taken, I'm setting that time aside for you. We all know things happen so if you need to move your session please do so a minimum 3 days in advance. Same day cancellations are subject to a $100 fee.

How many images do I get?

That's completely up to you. I recommend having more than one look no matter what your career is, so you have a killer headshot for each occasion. Social media, professional profiles, marketing materials etc. We'll sit down after the session and choose your favorites so you have the absolute best of the best.

Are the headshots retouched?

Yes! Each of your final selections is retouched and delivered in high resolution/print quality. Blemishes, stray hairs and makeup lines are no match.

What do I wear?

After you book your session I'll send a link to the Session Info page that details everything you need to know for the shoot. Clothing, hair and makeup, and techniques I use on camera are here. We also have a phone consultation to go over the details and answer any questions you have.

What about corporate/group headshots?

I specialize in working with your team to create a cohesive look and a professional brand for your business. Please use the group rates form above to answer some quick questions and we'll get the ball rolling.

Is the session fun?

Is there air? You better believe this is fun and not just because I love working with people. When you're having a good time it shows like a neon sign in the photos so having an enjoyable experience is a key part of my process.