Actors Business

"..quit talking and start doing."

-Walt Disney

Let's Get to Work

You need to have a vision for your future, then make that vision a reality.


Your first chance to impress is your headshot. It's more than just a first impression, it's your first chance to make them remember you.


No matter where you are in your career, it's the cornerstone of your professional image because everyone will see it.


Your image conveys who you are and your attitude, which is what people connect with ultimately. It determines if they want to work with you.

The Space

The studio has more than enough space to keep everyone safe during the pandemic. Since headshots are just a part of your professional image there's a ton of space to create portraits and different looks to truly establish yourself in an infinite number of ways.

what to expect

I create a fun and relaxed atmosphere in the studio to take your mind off the camera. What makes all of this come together is how your personality will show in the headshots and how fantastic you'll look.
The best headshots have a combination of confidence and approachability and that's accomplished by having fun. If you enjoy what you’re doing, it shows on your face. After the session you’ll sit down and go through your new headshots to make your final selections. These are the images I retouch and deliver digitally to you within 2 business days. These are print quality images delivered in jpeg format.

Headshot Pricing

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