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Client Tip #1

Keep your photos safe

I recently returned from a conference in Iceland (which was AMAZING) and while there I decided to start my series on my tips for clients. What better way to dole out boring BUT IMPORTANT info than in an amazing setting?

So many times we forget something super simple and it ends up costing us huge.

Ever lock your keys in your car?

Forget your backpack in a crowded area?

Forget to feed your kids? (this had better not have happened!)

All of these, save the last one, usually result in having to call a professional to help us out for a fee. Or worse, we lose something irreplaceable and have only our over taxed-forgetful mind to blame.

In my first short video I talk about something that so many of my past clients have had happen to them: no back up copy of their portrait. 

BONUS: we were hiking a glacier and you can see someone from my group scale the ice wall behind me 😀


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