What’s up peeps!

I'm supposed to talk about myself in the third person, which is weird, so I think of this as our first conversation. Here we go!


after serving in the air force, I’m fortunate to have found 2 passions to pursue in life. As a photographer for 6 years, and an actor for 10, I know what it’s like to hustle you’re as…butt off. I know the grind of the survival job and the dash to that mid-afternoon audition, while your co-worker begrudgingly covers your shift.


I also know what it's like to need a headshot and how terrifying the thought is. I've had many conversations about why that is: money, time, that one damn pimple. Ultimately, having to see ourselves up close and personal and not liking the view is where the fear lies.


one of the most common misconceptions about portraits is "you have to be naturally beautiful to look good".


The truth is, confidence and expression will always deliver an amazing headshot. And coaching you to that end is what makes my process unique.


I started taking headshots because I wanted it to be a fun experience and give you the confidence to book the job. A killer headshot is an absolute today, so how great would it be to enjoy the process?!


I would love to help you build your career and change the way you think about getting new headshots.

it's a good thing!


All the best,


(415) 933-0440 | joe@joeloper.com

136 Erasmus St, Brooklyn, NY