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You can schedule your appointment using the online calendar, accessible via the sign up form.

There's an awesome and easy-to-follow preparation page you have access to, plus a call with me.

Bring your clothes and get ready for the corniest dad jokes you've ever heard. Seriously. No...seriously.

How To Choose A Photographer

Use the 3 P's to keep it simple.


Have a look at the photographer's photos. Are they consistent and high quality? Does it look all over the place? The photos need to have a similar look and feel while conveying confidence.


Professional headshots fall under two categories, creative and technical. To do them well requires a mastery of both, and years of experience, which plants this firmly in the 'you get what you pay for' category. Be cautious of too low and everything being included.


This one is pretty straight forward. You want to feel like the photographer is paying attention to you and is enjoyable to work with. You need to know you're the priority so your confidence is high for the headshots.