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The 3 P's

train tunnels in space

The International Space Station is a marvel of modern science and human collaboration. A floating mass of individual modules, built and launched by over a dozen countries over a 10 year period. It’s the largest man made object in space and is a source of knowledge and inspiration for everyone on Earth.

There are always unforeseen challenges when you attempt what seems like the impossible. For instance, Russia built and put into orbit the living habitats for the ISS. Weight and size are two of the largest factors you have to contend with when launching anything into space.

But what determined the overall size for these modules? The height of the train tunnels along the railway that was used to transport them to be launched.

Something that wasn’t even a consideration when plans were being made to build an orbital platform. But the engineers and scientists were able to overcome this Earth bound obstacle, obviously, but imagine that discussion.

You have train tunnels that will limit parts of your life but don’t forget that they’re still a passageway to the other side. Just because something isn’t as grand or successful as you hoped for now, doesn’t mean it can’t be once you pass through.

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